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Posted By Admin on 06/08/19

A former coworker of mine is getting a divorce and I have watched a lot of the drama playing out over Facebook. She uses custom privacy setting so her soon-to-be ex can’t see what she posts, which seems to make her comfortable spilling all the details.

They dated for a year, them were married for 2 years. It was a poly relationship and at first, she enjoyed the freedom to do whatever she wanted and even liked socializing with his girlfriends. She took some of the breakups even harder than he did.

The problem appears to be that it was never enough for him. If there was anything she wasn’t comfortable with, he would criticize her and accuse her of not being open minded enough. Opening their relationship to more people wasn’t the problem. It was that he couldn’t ever be alone and constantly needed attention. It was that he wanted her to go with him to nudist gatherings even though she didn’t like them. Then he started wanting to go to swinger parties, partner swap, and have orgies. Finally, she was done.

Get this 52% off discount to Wife Bucket and watch women who thrive on the sort of wild lifestyle that my friend now despises.

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Posted By Admin on 10/28/18

When I found out that my wife had cheated on me with one of her supervisors at work, I was fuming. She begged me to forgive her and promised it would never happen again. After storming off and spending the night drunk at a friend’s house, I went back home. I told her I wanted her to fuck him again, but I wanted to see it. She didn’t think I was serious, but I laid it out for her. Either she do it, or we were over.

A few days later, I parked outside her office. It was a small building and her window was in the back. There were lots of trees and a dumpster, but I was still able to get a spot with a clear enough view. I also had her set up her phone to stream the video to my phone, so I could see what was happening. She left her blinds open just enough so that I could watch.

I sat in my truck, stroking my cock furiously as I watch my wife fucking another man. That night at home, I fucked her harder than I ever had. The next week, I told her I was divorcing her anyway. I just couldn’t get the image of them having sex out of my brain.

When I visit wife swap sites, I always wonder if we should have gone that route. Maybe if I was boning other women, things could have worked out. There’s no point in looking back with regret though. This 15% off discount from Czech Wife Swap costs a lot less than a divorce lawyer and I always end up happy.

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